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S. Henderson
Sylvia@LeadershipFrom theTrefoil.com
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Who Is Sylvia?

The requisite disclaimer:

This project is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Girl Scouts of the USA® or any affiliated councils, troops, or other entities. This is an individual venture. No personal information - including your name - will be used in any way unless you expressly permit my doing so. Any personal information will be changed to aliases if selected for use in this project. You will have full edit and approval rights to your material prior to publication.

On my honor!

What's This All About?

Hey Girl Scouts®!



No, I’m not a perv. I am an Adult Girl Scout who happens to be working on a book titled Leadership From the Trefoil: Tomorrow’s Strong Leaders, One Girl at a Time
(Lessons on Leadership Learned Through the Girl Scout Experience).


If you are:

  • A registered Girl Scout (Cadette, Senior, or Adult).
  • A Girl Scout alumna or former Girl Scout.
  • Have a story you would like to tell other teens and adults (Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts) relating to leadership lessons you’ve learned through your Girl Scout experiences.
  • Can write 500-to-1500 words telling your story.
  • Want to see your story in print (if selected).
  • Would like to help other girls and women develop their own leadership potential by offering your advice and guidance through the words you write.

Then that’s your assignment (above) and I need to hear from you.

I want to hear from a full spectrum of people: teens, adults who had (have) girls in Girl Scouting, adults who never had girls in Girl Scouting but who are involved in the movement yourselves, mother/daughter combinations, professional women who once were Girl Scouts, a range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, possessing every political and faith-based belief possible, looking every which way you can possibly look. The common denominator from which I draw is the leadership lessons you have learned and the guidance and counsel you can give others about being a positive, effective leader - however you define the term - in society today and facing tomorrow’s challenges, and how your Girl Scout experiences contribute to these lessons and counsel.

Pass this on to friends, colleagues, family, neighbors ... whomever you can think of who might be able to contribute to this project.

What’s in it for you?

  • Recognition in print.
  • A copy of the book “on the house” when published.
  • The offer to order more books at my cost-of-publication price (wholesale, essentially) so you can proudly give them to all your relatives and friends.
  • The start of a dialog, perhaps, that could grow to other ways to shape the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Please consider tackling this project. If you are an educator or Girl Scout Leader/Advisor, consider making this a class or troop project (Cadette level on up, please). If you are an advisor of a Studio 2B group of young women, present the challenge to them.

I can be reached at all the ways that appear to the left of this page. If you just want to write, click on the button below and you’ll go to a form that allows you to send me “your stuff” right away. You’ll have to write using a word processor of some type and copy-and-paste your words into the form.

You will have a chance to review and edit what you send me before I go to press.

Thank you - ahead of time - for joining me in this project. I look forward to reading your stories!

Yours in Girl Scouting,
Sylvia Henderson
Author/Compiler: Leadership From the Trefoil
(Tentative publication: June 2006)



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